Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why I've been too busy to make cards or post! A good busy!

After almost 6 years of dating she got a ring!!

We made all the decorations and centerpieces....worked until after midnight the night before the Bridal shower. So worth it!

This is one of the 24 centerpieces....yes, 24! They looked prettier the next day as the baby's breath had opened up some more.

One of the favors ....for their pink lemonade!

Praise the Lord for my mom, daughter in law and one of Chey's friends for doing the food!

Her shower theme was pink lemonade.

My Dad made the cupcake stand and we cut out her silhouette for the look like a bride.
Cupcakes were pink Mom was so excited when she found the cake mix that flavor!

Me and my pretty girl. I was a mess, but she is always beautiful!

Her practice bouquet made from some of the gift bows. She was so blessed with gifts!

Bachelorette day!

It was humid, and my hair went flat and do those girls keep theirs so pretty?

My daughter, daughter in law and her friend Sheena!

My pretty girls!

My best friend, Grace, and her niece Sheena

The day arrives!

I'm a little prejudice, but I think she was a beautiful bride!
Her gown was gorgeous!

Praying before the ceremony! Love it!

My handsome husband walked me down the aisle!

He sees her!

My Dad officiated the wedding....

The kiss!

The cake!

My best friend and I made that sign two days before the wedding because she saw it on
Pinterest and wanted

Another Pinterest find was this pinata that was filled with notes from guests and they
will break on their first anniversary. My awesome friend, Cassy and her girls made it. I just
didn't have time, and Chey wanted it. Took over 400 tissue roses to cover it!

My handsome son delivered the best speech ever!
They grew up best friends, and still love each other so much....

His speech made her cry!

My daughter in law, who had never given a speech....did, and did a great job!
She and Chey have an awesome relationship!

My parents....still in love after all these years!

Cheyenne made a video for the parents. Made us both cry.
I can't explain how much my husband and I love her!
God has blessed us with two wonderful children!

Bouquet toss! My grandson, Thomas, just wanted to play in the rice...hehe

She ask for pastel colored rice for this, I made it.

Her shoes!

The chapel where the ceremony was held.

Some of the wedding guests

The bridal party

The girls!

The guys


Mr. & Mrs. Parrotta

Dan and his boys!

After the ceremony pictures

My family

She wanted menus made, so I did.....used my Cuttlebug, I think I had to dust it!

Here is the rice...pretty, huh?

The day before....not as pretty with the curtains lit up....

Yep, made the vases too....well, modge podge and glittered them!

The reception flowers

It was a lot of work, but so worth it! She thanked us over and over, and gave my husband and I the sweetest thank you letter after the wedding.

God blessed us in so many ways through this process.....
Probably one of the biggest blessings was to be home for work this year. Home! So I could do all of this.
God is good. I can never thank Him enough!
For those of you just starting as a Christian, or a mom of a little girl my advice is this....
Stay faithful to God, stay in church, stay in your Bible, and prayer.
He is faithful and repays your faithfulness with a life of blessings. I'm proof! I was scared to death we'd mess up our child rearing days, but this wedding day proved serving God and doing things His way makes it all work out not just good, but AWESOME!

I'll be back to making cards as soon as I'm done planning our church's ladies meeting!

Proverbs 3:6

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.