Saturday, March 5, 2011

Found an apartment! Yea!

We found a great apartment in Gettysburg. It is in the center of town, one block from Lincoln square, and one block from Confederate Avenue. It is 2 blocks from the back side of the battlefield. The landlord said many of the locals walk and ride bikes on that part of the much fun will that be! Yeah! Since it is right in center of town I'll have all the quaint little shops and diners to visit. Also, Gettysburg is starting its 150th celebration this run through 2015! so there will be a lot of things going on all Spring and Summer! I'm so excited about all I'll see and do while we are here! When we were leaving tonight after looking at the apartment there was a group of people behind the building. The landlord informed us it was one the the "Ghost Walk tours". How cool is that? Of course there is so much history in this town, and so much to see just as a regular tourist...I'm excited. The landlord is great, and just remodeled the apartment. He also ask us if we had furniture, which we don't ( its all at home in our He is going to bring up some, but I'm excited about the challenge of furnishing it! It will be a treasure hunt finding things at the thrift shops and antique stores! Going to try to not spend much money, and buy pieces we can use in our house when we leave.

Thanks for all the prayers in this matter! I hope to be making cards by Monday night. Church tomorrow at Gettysburg Bible Baptist church. Enjoy your time at your church!


Angie said...

Glad you found a place, it looks nice and I'm sure the 5 months will go by fast!!

Susan said...

Very nice place. I'm soooo glad you found some place nice and clean. Have fun shopping. See ya soon Love ya

Lori said...

Awww, thanks everyone. I move things in tomorrow! I'm excited. I so miss making cards....can't wait to get things set up! I know I'll just get to love the place and the time will be up, but I'm determined to enjoy my time here!

Proverbs 3:6

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