Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Weekend with Friends!

Here is my little Colton. Isn't he cute? This is the first of many rocks he climbed that day! He went non stop the whole afternoon!

We all had such a great time Sunday between morning church and evening services. What a blessing from God to have friends who are so much fun to spend time with! God is good!

This reminds me of my son Eric when he was little. He had a hat exactly like that, and he wore it all the time too. He also liked Thomas the train, often only had one sock on, and always made funny faces like Colton is in this picture!

Here is Colton with my little brother, David. He is one of Colton's buddies! We took pictures of all of us with Colton in front of this sign for my Dad.
It was such a fun weekend. Colton is such a joy to spend time with, and I had been missing him so much. Thankful to my friends for taking their time & money to come out here and see us! It was also such a blessing to spend time with Jeff doing something we both enjoyed so much. He works  6 days a week and this is the first time we've really been able to get out and do something an entire afternoon since we've been here. I just love spending time with him. He is the best!!!
Great services at church yesterday. I played piano for Sunday School because the pianist was late getting there. Now her little boy has the sickness that her daughter had all last week. Poor thing. I felt so bad for her. I am happy to be able to serve the Lord by playing piano in church. I've been praying about what His will is for me while I'm away from my home church. I just want to serve Him!

I had a lady ask me at Curves this morning if I would make a card for her granddaughter. It is her 10th birthday, and she lives in Florida. Of course I said yes...and then she said she would pay me! Yeah! My first money made in my card making hobby. I spend a lot, but will be happy to make a little!
I walked up to one of the look out towers today on my walk. I was hoping there would be a short cut back to the apartment from there, but there wasn't. I ended up walking 11/2 hours. Oh, well, I really need to burn those calories, and the first 1/2 hour I always use as prayer time. So my walk does good for more than just me.
I see I've had quite a few followers added! Yeah! I'm off to check out their blogs. Thank you so much to everyone who is now following my blog. Forgive me for the days I just rattle
Have a great evening everyone!


Judy said...

your curtains are wonderful...
I just became your follower I hope you come over to my blog and follow me as well.

Kimberly said...

What a cute little guy.... I've been sent by MOMO, isn't she fabulous. Love your blog. I'm now a new follower. Would love if you dropped by mine.

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