Thursday, March 24, 2011

Made curtains...not cards.

The apartment needed curtains. I've been tacking up pieces of material to cover the! I brought my sewing machine and a Rubbermaid container full of material I've been meaning to use for something. I found the material for these curtains and I hung them in the living room. The bottom is left over material from a Chey's volleyball

It is hard to see these curtains. I made them with solid navy blue at the top and the material at the bottom I've had for years. I bought it to make curtains because I liked it so much...I thought they'd be in my house. LOL! Oh, well, saved money by not buying curtains!
I didn't walk the battlefield today..too cold! Yesterday it rained all day. However, I walked an hour Monday and Tuesday....and I went to Curves each day. Going to start the Curves eating program this Monday. Pray for me! I've got to get this weight off!
Oh, I played piano at church last night for the service. Their pianist was home with her sick little girl, and I offered. I had prayed that day for God to let me be a blessing to the people at church that night....and again, He answered my prayer. God is good!
So, I had to put away my card making things in order to  have  a place to sew. I needed to get them put away for this weekend anyway....Colton is coming! Yeah!!! he is the little boy I've babysat since he was 3 months old...until I came out here...and now he is almost 2 1/2! I miss him so much. I have chatted with him on Skype....he tried to hug the sweet! I plan on playing  & reading books to him all weekend! His mom is bringing him out and I can't wait to see her too. She is growing as a Christian so fast....I am going to love just sitting back and watching God bless her life!
Have a great evening! I may sneak out a few things and make a card...I want to try sewing on them, and since I have the machine set up...why not? I'll post a card if I do.....if it doesn't look too bad. LOL!


Sandy said...

I'm sure you are happy to have curtains up!

Hope you were able to figure out how to sew on your cards. It's addictive once you do one!

Tabitha said...

Love your curtains. I love sewing almost as much as I do card making and scrapbooking is really my first love. LOL Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more of your projects. New follower here. Found you from Momo's site.

Carlene said...

oh that bunny card is gorgeous!

I am here from Momo and it would be great if you could stop by my blog too :-) I am a new follower :-)

Christy said...

Those curtains are amazing. I keep meaning to take up sewing, but I don't know if I can handle another craft obsession :o) Found your blog through Momo, and I'm a follower now.

Anonymous said...

You've got crazy talent! Paper crafting AND making curtains. That is awesome! Momo sent me and I'm your newest follower :)

Fran, said...

Cool blog.. momo sent me and now I am a new follower..

Proverbs 3:6

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