Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy, busy & loving it!

I love how this card turned out. The design at the bottom right corner was part of the paper. There is a brown butterfly next to that, but I covered it up with the sentiment. I remembered the rub on butterflies I found in the clearance section at AC Moores, and the colors matched perfectly. I also rubbed one on the inside of the card in the bottom corner. Don't tell my Mom, this one is for her...LOL! Don't look mom!

Entering this one in the DYSU challenge @ http://doyoustackup.blogspot.com/2011/05/dysu-18-purple.html

I had an order for 4 boy cards. The order form said 1 newborn and 3 under 1 year old. There were not suppose to be birthday cards, and it was difficult for me to understand exactly what sort of card to make. Here is what I came up with. I'll find out tomorrow if she liked them.

Started on Father's day cards just because I liked this paper...lol!

My friend, Sandy, gave me a card with this layout. It is so pretty. I can't wait to use it some more. Perhaps tonight...
Below are pictures of the fields I passed last Friday going to the church to paint the picnic tables. Aren't they beautiful? I don't know what is growing there, but there are quite a few large fields full of this. It is hard to get a good view, it looks so much prettier in person. I tried a close up too.

Today I was going to go paint a second coat on the tables, but when I got home from exercising my landlord ask me if Berit could come up to the apartment. She was home from school sick. So I spent the afternoon with her. Poor little thing was trying so hard to have fun, but was just tired and weak from being sick. We did manage to do some fun things, including her "making a movie" with my camcorder...lol. Too cute. I'm praying she feels better soon. I'm also praying for her salvation and the salvation of her dad. I found out that her Dad's brother is a teacher at an Independant Baptist college. He said to me one day he knew we were independant Baptists...lol. Guess it shows. I'm going to go to church and paint tomorrow. Oh, I went to the Ladies Missionary group meeting last night. It was great! Convicted me about not knowing enough about our missionaries and not praying for them correctly. I'm working on that!

Okay, I'm doing 6+ hours of exercise every week now, but the scales are slow to budge. The instructor of my cardio workout said I'm building muscle. I guess that is good, but I really want the weight down! I do see changes in my shape....a plus...guess the fat is just moving around...lol!

Still planning on heading home this Friday for a few days. Special meeting at our church with Dr. Gray & Bro. Domelle. Looking forward to that and to seeing my little boys! ( okay one isn't that little anymore, but I miss him!) I'm planning on doing some Spring cleaning, unless my yard looks really bad then I'll do the yard instead. Of course, I'll be visiting with family & friends if I can, and church each evening.
I've been following the Bible reading schedule to read my Bible through this year, and last week I noticed every so often when a new king was mentioned it would mention his mother's name. Not every one, but some. At first it seemed that just the kings who did that which was pleasing to the Lord has his mom's name mentioned. It caused me to think about my children. As a mom I want them to do what is right in God's eyes. I've tried my best to rear them according to the scriptures. I wonder if when their names are written in the "history books of Heaven" if I'll get my name mentioned . I realize my rearing days are over, but I always want to be there for them when they need more...for whatever, but especially for spiritual advice. This makes me do my best to live right, keep a clean heart & mind, and do the things God has instructed me to do in His Word! Being a mom never ends..but I don't mind!
To all my family & friends back home..I"ll probably not post again before I see you all! I can't wait!
Have a great evening, everyone.


WencheP said...

It's so cute! Love the image. Thanks for joining us at Do You Stack Up.


Miranda said...

Hi Lori, your card is lovely, it's very cute
but to be eligable for the prizes you have to follow our rules (no backlinking, sorry)

Miranda DYSU DT

sharring1477 said...

Oh she is just the greatest! This is a very cute image and even cuter card.=)

Janna Werner said...

Hi Lori! Fabulous card! Thanks so much for stacking up with us at DYSU Challenge Blog this week :D Janna

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