Sunday, December 11, 2011

On a roll, but so many more to go....

Made these from a stamp set and and idea that came from my wonderful friend, Sandy! Thank you!!! at the end of this post you'll see I made a whole set for my Mom for Christmas.

This is my brother's 40th birthday card I made! His birthday is the 11th, and mine is the 22nd. We are 11 months and 11 days, for 11 days we are the same age...LOL! I remind him of this every year.

Love the green & blue!

Trying more purple for Christmas cards. My daughter loves it.
Church tomorrow, and then hoping to make even more cards! Hoping to finish them up this week!!
Have a great Sunday!

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Sandy said...

WHoo Hoo!!! You are on a ROLL for sure! Your cards are turning out great! I love the square scallop with the hole in the scallop part. I may have to get that down the road since I'm seeing that on alot of cards. I know your mom will love the cards they look so sparkly and pretty! Sounds like a busy day for you. I need to come home from church and makes some cards too! Great job ... you go girl!

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