Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Finch!

Saturday, May 5th was my son's wedding.
Here is my handsome son and his wife, Sarah!

My beautiful daughter Cheyenne and "my" little guy, Colton.

Jeff had us laughing in this! Chey snapped this picture.. The photographer has some better pictures with  Chey in them with us. Some funny pics of our whole family and the cake and many others.

During the ceremony, when they were to join hands, Eric joined the wrong hand...this picture was snapped just as he realized it and switched. They were smiling the entire ceremony~

My dad telling Sarah that he had a talk with Jesus earlier that morning and ask Him to hold off on the rapture for another day. LOL! He's been teasing Sarah for months that Jesus would come on May 4th!

My three favorite guys!

Once the were told they could kiss.....they just kept! From what I hear from mom, they are still!

Chey and her daddy relaxing between photos. She's so pretty! Sarah chose a beautiful color for the bridesmaid dresses!

It was a beautiful day! God has blessed us with a wonderful addition to our family!

As soon as I get back into a routine, I'll be posting more cards, and probably more pictures from the wedding!

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