Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DeeDee's Country Christmas

 Today I finally had time to work on cards. I'm starting my Mom's stash of Christmas cards and thrilled to use Deedee's collection called Country Christmas. This card color looks green on here, but it is actually a gold color to match the button on the stocking and the star and hat on the snowman.
 There are 5 outlined images, 5 pre-colored images ( which I used, of course), 5 white filled layering images and 3 sentiments in this set.
 I used 4 of the precolored images and one sentiment on the inside. I was going to use sentiments on the outside of a couple cards, but I didn't have the printer today. Jeff had it in New York with him.
 This country tree is super cute. I'm thinking this card still needs I'll probably add more before I give it to mom!
I've been working on sewing culottes for some of the girls in our church. I made these 7 pair ( there are 2 of the fuchsia leopard print) last week, and some matching headbands.
I am glad I am able to do this for the girls!

This is our last week in Philadelphia! We should be heading home on Saturday. I'll have a super busy week the first week I'm home as I am leading our Ladies meeting at our church. It is that Friday and Saturday. I need to shop for a new outfit, with Cheyenne, Sarah, Grace and of course, Thomas! So one day shopping and lunch. Then decorate the church on Tuesday....which includes spacing and placing 5 inch letters on the wall for our theme verse, making a banner, hanging things from the ceiling, and decorating the bathrooms. I have hand outs that need typed and printed, gifts baskets to put together, give aways organized, and go over my lesson for the little girls. Thursday morning I take Chey to Pittsburgh for an appointment and Thursday night I am consulting a Thirty One party in a nearby town. Friday night and Saturday morning is the meeting, and out to lunch with one of the speakers Saturday afternoon. This year is different because Jeff will be home....working, but home in the sense I'll need to feed and cloth him amid all this chaos! LOL!

I'm so excited to see my daughter, son, daughter in law, grandson, family, Grace and friends! I'm looking forward to long lazy days of just playing on the floor with Thomas, taking walks with the girls, and decorating my house for Fall! I have an order for 50 baby shower invitation and need to make Christmas cards for my mom and myself. So I'm hoping for a lot of time in the craft room too!
God is so good to us in allowing Jeff to have a job and me to travel with him. I love all the new places and adventures we have when we are away.

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Sandy said...

Lots of cute cards! I'm glad you had a chance to whip some up. Once I started reading about your week next week, I was out of breath! Wish I was there to help!!! You go girl! You should be burning LOTS of calories with all you need to get done.

Proverbs 3:6

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