Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

Used my Stampin' Up set for this card. I love how it turned out!

Yes, more tea digis.....

And another....lol!

I had the best Mother's Day ever!
Here I am walking the street in Bedford, Pa with my little Buddy!
We are headed to the tea shoppe! 

Look how happy Brooklyn is!!! I just love her so much!

Cheyenne took off 4 days to spend with me for Mother's Day.
My mom (here holding Brooklyn), Sarah & the babies, and Grace & Chey
went with me on a little road trip. We attended a Mother Daughter
Banquet at Heritage Baptist Church in Martinsburg, Pa with
some of my favorite people! Then we spent the night in Bedford, and
the next morning did some shopping, and sight seeing before heading back home.
I love that I got to take my Mom and spoil her a little....even though she did
stay busy helping with the babies.....wouldn't expect anything else from her.
I love her more than she'll ever know!

My mom, Grace, Sarah & Eric, and Chey & Dan spoiled me
for Mother's Day! Look at my haul! LOL!

This was delivered the day after.....so pretty!

They got me Copics!!! and a cup to remind me I'm Awesome! LOL!
I can't forget to mention that Jeff gave me money to rent a van so we could all go together, and paid for the motel rooms, as well as food, and a meal for Chey and I on Sunday. He's the best....hands down!!!

I couldn't have ask for a better Mother's Day!
God is so good to me!
I am blessed so much more than I deserve!

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Judith Taylor - Wright said...

Wow fabulous projects and just stopping by to say hi and let u know I m following your fabulous blog. Looking forward to being a teamie and working with the fabulous Deedee products x

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