Monday, July 14, 2014

Grandbabies! ( AKA why I haven't been crafting as much)

We were blessed with two days home, and we all loved our time together!

Brooklyn is growing so fast, she is a babydoll!

We've been meeting often in Washington, Pa its half between apartment and home.
Thomas loves this tractor!

I LOVE this picture! He is laughing so hard he doubled over!
That tends to happen when Aunt Chey is around!

My cute little buddy!

Don't mind me, just getting spoiled by my Aunt Chey!

Was really hot this day, so we went into the mall for a bit

Brooklyn's new outfit was yellow and striped like mine.

This is their Mommy....the one who won't let me keep them....LOL!
I love her like my own! She is an awesome Mommy!

Brookie fell asleep at the park.

She is starting to coo and it!

Just one of his many funny faces. I love him so much!

Cuddling with Grammy....I could do this all day!

Silly boy, makes us all smile!

Brooklyn wondering the same thing I was....why did I bring them both to the park by myself? LOL!
I had her strapped to me, and was chasing Thomas up and down the steps and across the bridge.
What a work out! Loved it!

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Anonymous said...

They are both so adorable, Lori. What a huge blessing to be Grammy to these two! Enjoy your time with them. Crafting can be done anytime, but they will only be little for so long.

Proverbs 3:6

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.