Monday, December 27, 2010

Birthday Thank you cards...only one project on my list...

Now that my Christmas cards are all done and delivered. I need to start on Thank you cards for all the wonderful people who helped me celebrate my 40th birthday a week ago!

We are remodeling....have been for awhile, and my crafting space keeps getting moved. My husband is suppose to be working in the two rooms we are currently remodeling this week, so I will have to squeeze in somewhere else to make cards. Once the remodel is complete I should have a small room all to myself for crafting and sewing. Can't wait!

My sewing projects are all backed up as I've not had any place at all to sew.

I am babysitting again, but only one day a week now. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I just love that little guy!

Church bulletin boards need changed, and the Jr Church room needs redecorated for the January theme.

Choir music needs copied and updated for all 3 groups I work with....

Christmas decorations have to come down least before Valentines day....

Of course the first of the year is coming up soon...that always means a big purge in my house. I go through everything and get rid of stuff I didn't use, or didn't wear, or didn't realize I Also like to wash down all the walls, and give the house a really good cleaning to start the new year off!

I'm sure there are many more projects coming up that I forgot about already, on top of the daily chores, but it will all get done somehow.

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