Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exhausted! but a good exhausted!

Today was super busy! Checked out of motel, went to Curves, then the dollar store for items for the apartment, walmart (where I had a nice chat on the phone with my Mom- love you mom!!), then the grocery store. It always takes me awhile there as I have to compare prices and sort coupons,but today took forever....new store and I had no idea where anything was. Also, it is huge! so,I  walked across it a few times looking for items. Then stopped at Gettysburg Family Restaurant for lunch ( beef & noodle soup & egg salad sandwich..yummy!) Back to the apartment....missed the street,again, drove around for 15 minutes, again...LOL! Then, I realized.....I have to carry all this stuff up to the apartment...on the second floor...ugh!! I had just made14 trips the day before unloading my SUV.  I should have skipped Curves...lol! After hauling everything up and putting it all away. I started to fix the bed that the landlord left us.,...realized I bought the wrong size sheets & foam pad. Back to walmart to return those, and back to grocery store for tater tots. Started the oven and started cooking the meat for Jeff's favorite casserole. Buzzer goes off on oven time for the brownies...they are not done,not even started baking. It is a brand new stove, but it is gas, and I have no clue. Ended up waiting for Jeff & David to come home and fix it. Threw the stuff in the oven and finished making supper while visiting with David. Jeff ran to Walmart and bought 3 chairs and a futon. By the time he got back and they unloaded the SUV, it was 8pm. We ate supper and they put the futon together. Shower,and now I feel like I could crash! I'm taking to the motel in the morning to meet David...I feel this is the only way not to make an excuse to skip my workout!
I hope to wander around Gettysburg later this week if the weather cooperates. I'll post pictures when I get some! I should be able to rest some tomorrow after Curves...and then maybe I'll have time to make cards. The landlords daughter came up with him tonight. She is 61/2 years old. She saw my craft stuff and fell in love with a couple of the cards I had made. I gave them to her, of course...and promised her she could come up sometime and make crafts with me. She was thrilled. Looks like I'll have someone to make cards with on Saturdays!
 Thanks for allowing me to ramble....for my friends & family back home.
Good night!

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