Friday, March 11, 2011

I made cards today!

This one is for my niece. She is filling up my bird feeders while I'm away. I thought she'd like this dog, but I needed to pink it up because she is all about the pink. LOL!

This one is for the Cocoa Challenge.I'm having a hard time finding a good place to take the pictures that will show their true colors. The challenge was to use pastels.

This one is for the little guy I babysit. I thought he'd enjoy the googly eyes on the dog.
I tried setting this one in the window sill....IDK...ugh
Anyway, this one is for my friends mom who has been in the hospital.
 I thought I'd post some pictures from Gettysburg. This one I snapped yesterday. Jeff was off work early because of the rain and we went for a drive. The next one is from the drive too...
Our apartment is in a house known as Double House. It was built in 1868. It sits between this building above ( Republic Hall) and the next picture which is the Gas Light B&B.

Below is the front of the house where our apartment is...

And behind the Republic our back yard...which we have to walk by every

A grave yard....ooohhhh. The night we were looking at the apartment a group of people on a "Ghost Walk" were walking by this graveyard. Haven't seen any ghosts, yet...he he!

This is a shot of the living room.

Thanks, again for putting up with all the pictures and typing. My Mom and a few of my friends  are following my blog and really want to see what I'm up
Off to make supper for the guys. Have a great evening everyone!!
I love you, Mom!!


Stephanie said...

wow, you have been busy! Thanks for playing with us at Crazy 4 Cocoa Challenges!

Angie said...

Love that little dog card! AND the pics from Gettysburg!

Carol L said...

Your cocoa card is too cute, and so are all the others! Thanks for the tour of Gettysburg, I haven't been there in years!
Thanks for playing along with the Cocoa Crazies this week!

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