Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sights and sounds of Saturday...

I made this card this afternoon for the Happy Monday Challenge.  We were supposed to use a Deedee image and pastels. I like this little basket & bear. Deedee's images are great!

I went for a walk downtown Gettysburg this morning. So many sights and sounds...and smells. There are quite a few restaurants in town. The Gettysburg diner was cooking something that smelled so good!!
I saw quite a few places I want to go back and spend some time, but this morning I just walked the town and took in the sites. I so want to visit the Dirty Billy's hat shop. They had a display of the cutest hats in the window, and the shops that have the cival war artifacts will be fun to visit. There is a great thrift shop in the circle, and again, the diners...he he! I'll walk it off...I hope.
Have a great Saturday!


Lori said...

Super cute! This put a smile on my face today. Your walk sounds like fun, I wish I was there, it's raining where I am. Thank you for your support at the HMC and Deedee's Digis. I love to see this little guy colored up. Hope we see you next week! ~hugs, Lori~
{and you spell your name the right way, heehee}

Sandy said...

Awwwh! How cute! Glad you are finding some time to make cards. Looking forward to seeing you this week! Sounds like I need to come see you so I can help scope out the town!

auntbeespickles said...

Such a darling card! You are right I love Deedee's images too! What a fun walk you had - next time invite me. I'm from Iowa so I'll need a little heads up time. =) Thanks so much for joining us over at the Happy Monday pastel challenge. Good luck and I hope to see your talent again!
Hugs, Sarah

Lori said...

Thanks, Ladies for you sweet comments. Lori, so glad to meet someone else who knows how to!
Sandy, can't wait to see you. Looks like I'll be up there on Wednesday. Hope I get a few minutes with you. You will have to come visit me...pick a nice sunny day. Oh, I heard there is a nice scrap booking store right here in town...we'll check it out together!
Sarah, You can walk with me anytime! I'm here for a few months...that should give you enough time to get here...he he!
I should have time now while I'm here to do the challenge each week. I hope so, because I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Lori this is so soft and lovely! You used such wonderful colors, and I really like how you shaped the image and frame. How fun to be strolling the streets of Gettysburg -- it sounds like an amazing place! Enjoy your walks (and the yummy food)! Thanks for your kind words about the digis -- I appreciate that so very much! :-)

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