Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back in Gettysburg....great weekend.

Here is a picture of my son, Eric. I know its not the best shot, but I was fortunate to even get this! He came home from work Friday afternoon and immediately started mowing for me. He also changed the oil in my car, hung up the little bear tree ornament that a friend bought me, brought me home wings, and let me help him work on his truck ( this is bigger than you I was soooo happy to spend a little time with him. He is a great guy. His birthday is this Sunday, and it will be the first year since he was born that I am not having a birthday party for him. It makes me sad. I'll miss doing this for him ( even though he hasn't wanted one for years). God has blessed me with a wonderful son! He's going to make someone a wonderful husband someday!

I spent a lot of time in my kitchen while I was home. I just love it. Made food for Eric & Cheyenne, and baked for both of them.
The meetings at our church with Evangelist Allen Domelle and Dr. Bob Gray were amazing. I'm glad I was there for all the meetings, and it was nice to play piano again.
I was up late every night I was home.....really late! LOL! Friends were up each night and we had such a great time catching up and talking. I have wonderful friends.
I took my mom, mother in law, and daughter to lunch on Monday for Mother's day. Chey had to go to work afterwards, but the rest of us did some shopping and talking. It was a nice time with them.
Spent the rest of the day with my niece, Meadow. She is so cute! She helped me plant the tulips, and then she planted her own little garden of weeds. It was great watching her play all alone out there for about an hour. Reminded me of Cheyenne when she was little.
I also got to spend SAturday with Colton! Yeah! and again for a little while Monday before lunch. He is the sweetest thing ever, and I just love him!
Jeff walked with me last night as soon as he got home from work. We did the 4 mile loop again. Love it! Back to Curves today and then walked this afternoon. So hoping this weight loss kicks in soon!
Church tonight was good. Everyone was so welcoming. They made me feel missed. Such nice people.
Back to the 1hr. cardio workout tomorrow. Then I have lots of cards to make. Oh, I sold so many Mother's day cards. I'm so excited. I have another order, too! Wow! God is good.

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Sandy said...

Wow! So much chatter packed into one post! So glad you had a good time at home. I'm sure your kids enjoyed your cooking and spending the short time they had with you.

Did you get the coulottes done.

Hubby said it was a great meeting!

Proverbs 3:6

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