Friday, May 27, 2011

This & That & a few cards!

Here is the historic round barn that Jeff & I drove by one night on our date. It is in Biglerville, Pa.
 I loved just getting in our vehicle with him and driving around seeing the sites. I love spending time with him anyway, but there is so much to see out here. We went back Sunday after church when they were open. Purchased some delicious sweet corn, and other vegetables. We also went upstairs which is so unique....round and open...they rent it out for weddings and other functions.

The second picture is of the apple trees. It was hard to capture the massive amount of trees with my camers, but as far as you can see up the hills and on both sides on the road for miles....there are apple trees. It is just amazing to me. I've never seen so many orchards in once!

Here are some sympathy cards I'm making for my Mom. I don't want to embellish them too much , but I think I still may put something on them...they look a little bare. She sends them out to families in the area around our church that have lost a loved one.

I realize I haven't posted in a week, but it seems I've been extra busy. I'm still working on Father's day cards. I should have them finished by Monday and mail them out Tuesday. I volunteered to clean the church and have been passing out flyers for the special service there this Sunday.

I went to the outlets today to buy Jeff some new jeans and tennis shoes. You won't believe this, but I met a lady in a shop who is married to a relative of mine! I didn't even realize they lived out here. We chatted for 45 minutes. She is a manager, so I guess thats I have so many relatives. It seems to me families don't get together like they used to. Family reunions are almost a thing of the past. How am I suppose to keep up with so many relatives???
Perhaps another post later....Sweet N Sassy challenge! Yeah!

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