Saturday, June 25, 2011

A visit for Father's day and cards!

The ladies at church had a scrapbooking/card making party as sort of a going away party for me on Friday night. Some of us stayed until after midnight. So much fun. Here are the cards I helped a lady make. She had so much fun. I was glad she came!

I love this paper, and didn't want to make the card too busy because of that.

Here are a couple of anniversary cards I made.

 Chey came here on Friday night and stayed until Tuesday morning. We were up until 3 a.m. Friday night talking. Then up early Saturday morning for exercise class, lunch in the square, canoeing on the lake, running supper out to the job site for the boys, subway and a movie....then crashed. Sunday was church, dinner at the Dobbin house ( picture below...we loved the ambience!), mini golfing with the boys, historic round barn, Sunday night church. Up late again just catching up! Monday up early off to exercise, then we came home and fell asleep for an Dressed, picked up McDonalds and went for a picnic/playdate with 2 of the kids from church. Back home, showered and went dress shopping ( couldn't find anything modest enough), had our nails done, picked up pizza and a movie at 9:30, then at 11 we went to the laundry mat....where we were so silly because we were so tired. I think the man there doing his laundry was! Tuesday she didn't get up very early, but had to leave by it was a rush getting all her stuff packed and her car filled with gas. I was exhausted, but I love spending time with her. She is so much fun! I sure miss her! Picture of her with her Dad on Father's day at the mini golf course!

Here are some new friends she made at the round barn. It was hilarious watching her feed them...

This is a picture of a waitress at the Dobbin House. The dining area used to be the cellar of this home, and was used as part of the underground railroad. Food was great, and the tables were lit by cival war era candle holders and neat!

We have a couple more weeks here in Gettysburg. This coming Monday I'm off to Lancaster again, this time with Eric's girlfriend and her mom. Should be lots of fun! I'm exercising every day except on Sundays, and hoping all this sweating pays it is pretty gross. LOL!
I was able to help out at the church again....stamped address in a large amount of Bibles and placed tracts in them. Also attended the Ladies missionary group again, and provided them with pictures from India that their missionary e-mailed me. I've made some good friends hear and look forward to keeping in touch with them when we leave.
Off to bed now, church in the morning then out to lunch with a family from church at a place called Mountain Gate....I've heard a lot of good things about it...I'll let you know.

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