Friday, July 1, 2011

Out of the box.....or magazine

A friend I made out here in Gettysburg let me borrow a card magazine that she bought at a yard sale for a quarter. She had circled some cards she like, so I tried to re-create them for her. We are going "thrifting" on Saturday morning and I want to give them to her. They are not like cards I make most of the time, however, I like the clean and simple look of some of them.

I love the paper on the card on the right, I am disappointed with the green I used, though. I can't seem to find a green paper that matches any of the green ribbon I have....frustrating!

I found a little bag of white flowers at the bookstore in Lancaster on Monday! I've been looking for these....why didn't I buy more than one????

The one on the left still needs the sentiment. It was the word "hugs" cut out in white. I didn't feel like dragging out the! She has a cricut so if she wants she can put it on there. None of the cards are exact, of course, as I didn't have the same papers, stamps or even sentiments. I matched the layouts, and I used this brown and green because she said they were her favorite colors. A little different for me, but I enjoyed making them.
I should be home by this time next week! Yeah! Looking forward to spending time with family & friends! I want to enjoy my new kitchen, and my porch swing!
This weekend looks like: thrift shopping on Saturday morning with Jeanette, date on Saturday night with Jeff!  Bro. Domelle is preaching at the church we are attending here this Sunday morning! picnic after church. If Jeff has Monday off we are going to Hershey Park. Next week will be packing and cleaning the apartment along with the usual daily chores. Jeff said I could stay home for 2 weeks before heading to Kentucky. He will not get to stay as long. He is wonderful. I love how he seems to know what I need, and when.
Love you mom, can't wait to see you!


Alice Wertz said...

these are so beautiful!

Lori said...

Thanks, Alice!

Best web hosting said...

Awesome and i love these designs.

lifeof4boys said...

LOVED THE CARDS!!!you did a great job!

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