Friday, September 16, 2011

God is so good!

Here is a picture of my husband and brother on Monday night. They came home from work and started working on my car. At one point I looked out the kitchen window and said to Cheyenne " It makes me so nervous when they work under the car like that". Not very long after that I heard David scream for help. I yelled for Chey and bolted out of the house. I knew what had happened before I even got outside.  I could hear Jeff saying " Get it off of me!" David was trying to lift the car off of him. It had slipped off the jack and fell on Jeff. I ran straight to the rear of the car and Chey was right beside me and with God's help ( how else would you explain it) we were able to lift the SUV off of my husband and he scooted out. I was shaking so bad. I went to him and starting asking him questions and looking at him. I immediately saw some bruising on his left side, and he was holding his chest.  ( he had been laying on his right side.  Right side of his body was on the concrete and left side was against the bottom of the vehicle when it fell on him) We sat him on a chair on the porch, and he started going pale. I sent Chey in for a cold wash cloth so he wouldn't pass out. David went to his house and came back with his truck and we took him to the ER. I tried texting Eric, and eventually word got out and our family & church family started praying. This could have been very serious, but God must still have plans for him. After hours in the ER and an EKG, chest, shoulder, neck x-rays, and CAT scan, we were sent home with a prescriptionm for pain medicine, directions to watch for blood in his urine and any severe swelling. Dr. advised him to see and ortho doctor about his shoulder.  I believe the prayers of our family, friends & ourselves are the reason it wasn't worse. They found nothing broken, and no internal bleeding! Dr. does think he injured his rotator cup, and probably some muscles in that area.We got home after 1 in the morning ( had been up since 5 a.m.), and I then had to shower and dress Jeff because he couldn't lift his right arm. I'm still doing these things for him. He hasn't missed a day of work, even though the DR. said he should take it easy for a few days. His job is the type that you can't call off. He is still in a lot of pain, and is having trouble sleeping.
I thank God every day for my husband. I have for many years. I also pray for his safety while traveling to work and while at work. I know everything happens for a purpose, and  "All things work together for good to them that love God." I see my husband read his Bible & pray every day. He is faithful to church attendance, tithing and has given to missions for about 20 years now. ( ever since he learned about faith promise) He is the greatest husband in the world! He is a great dad, son, son-in-law & friend. He is very gracious, willing to help anyone who needs it, and always says yes when I ask to buy things for people in need. So, you see, I know he loves God. I know this happened for a good reason. I believe we will someday see what that good is.... In the mean time I'm going to do my best to help him however I can while he heals. I could not imagine my life without him! I love him more than anything in this world!

I love this photo. It was taken the week before the accident. He cannot raise his arm like this now.
 I pray God will get him to the doctor he needs and heal his body. He has always been so strong and in my eyes there was never anything he couldn't do!

Thanks to all my family & friends who stayed up praying into the early hours of Tuesday morning. You'll never know how much that means to me! I love you all!

Was hoping to get back to cards this week, but am very tired. Jeff was up all night last night, and of course that means so was I.  We haven't slept through the night since the accident, and it is catching up with both of us. Hoping to post some cards next week.

Have a great day, everyone. Love your husbands, spoil them, pray for them and thank God for them everyday!

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lifeof4boys said...

Aww....Lori,so sorry to hear that this happened to Jeff but thanking God he's ok! WOW! Tell Jeff we will be praying for him and in Church.We miss you both!!!

Proverbs 3:6

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.