Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jeff's Birthday!

Here is my handsome husband with our Colton. Today is Jeff's birthday. He is working, but I'm praying he has  a wonderful day. I know he'd much rather be on the lake in the boat!

Here is the card I made him. I do believe he is the best husband ever! He is the best a lot of things, and I listed those inside his card.

I'm making a special dinner for him tonight. We usually have a big dinner party for him at our house, but since we are in KY I've cut back a little. I bought a special ham ( paid a little extra, but he's worth it), made his favorite salad (pictured above before I added the cheese and dressing. I took a picture because it looks so pretty with the purple cauliflower, doesn't it?) Making buttered potatoes ( he doesn't like mashed), corn, crescent rolls, and made him pumpkin roll for dessert ( he doesn't like birthday cake, but loves pumpkin roll).
Chey is on her way, but doesn't look like she'll be here in time for supper. Well, unless Jeff gets home late like he did Tuesday night. I hope not! He didn't get home until 10:30 p.m. I want him to enjoy his birthday dinner! Anyway, Jeff will be happy to see her on his birthday, and so will I!

Corn maze, hot air balloon ride, haunted castle, horse race, harvest festival and Kentucky fried chicken on the agenda for us this week. Chey said she wants to eat KFC in Kentucky before we go home. She is so funny. Always so much fun to spend time with. I'm looking forward to the next couple weeks with her.
Going soulwinning on Sunday afternoons now. Last Sunday was great! I'm not used to this... We went to almost 20 houses in 1 hour! At home we can do maybe 3 houses in an! Big difference between the country and city where soulwinning is involved.
Was blessed with a call from 2 of my best friends this week. Sandy & Grace called me on 2 different days, and made my day! They always make me laugh and encourage me in one way or another. God has blessed me with wonderful friends!

Going to go for my walk now, and then back to finish up Jeff's birthday dinner. Have a great evening!


lifeof4boys said...

tell Jeff Happy Birthday from us! I love how your making all his favorite food.Such a good wife you are! Sounds like your going to have a fun time w/Chey! I would never go on a hot air balloon ride!! lol.have fun;)

Lori said...

Jeanette, Jeff said "Thank you"! I can't wait to do the hot air balloon ride! Eric went skydiving for his 18th birthday, and I told him I'd do it when I lost enought! Maybe next summer? Chey & I want to go horse back riding too while we are here. We've been trying but no success yet. Maybe this coming week... Can't wait to see you all again!

Proverbs 3:6

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