Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am so missing making cards! Life at home is way too busy!

I made these cards quickly on Saturday just before Colton's party! This is the one we gave him and I made a couple others for his grandma to give him.

You can tell they were quick.....very little embellishments...ugh!

House full of people Friday for Chey's 20th birthday party. Young people stayed until midnight. I love having them all in the house and hearing them have such a good time! I made a big meal to celebrate Jeff's birthday too since we were away at the time of his birthday. About 30 people all together...was a great time.

I had big plans to make cards last week, but Jeff had some days off and we spent 2 whole days hooking up the new refrigerator and hauling the old one to the basement. By the way, this really comes in handy during a party. Having a second fridge/freezer for extra storage is great!

Then I had a Thirty One party Thursday, and the birthday party here on Friday. Colton's birthday party was Saturday and then our date night. So, very few cards! Thought I'd get some made yesterday or today, but not feeling well, and spent last two days running errands ( which take so much longer at home because you have to drive 1/2 hour to get anywhere). Tomorrow is weight watchers then pick up Chey's car, home to do normal Wednesday chores, and then church. Of course Thursday is Thanksgiving at Mom's house, Friday is Black Friday shopping, and Saturday is Christmas decorating day! I'm excited for all of these, but as you can see, no time for card making.

So, I promise I'll have more cards to post in a week or so! I have to get the Christmas cards finished for my friend and I'm making 20 for my Mom.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy you time with family, and don't take that for granted. We just don't know when they won't be there anymore. God is so good to our family! We don't have any of the holiday drama you hear about during the holidays. We just get together and have a good time.

Hope you all find great deals on Black Friday, and make it to the stores early...lol! I think we'll start at midnight! Yippee!

Promising myself to not be so busy next year....lol!

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