Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas cards & cookies with Chey!

Chey wanted to make sugar cookies tonight for her boyfriend. She enlisted me to help decorate. We were both tired, and we didn't cut out the cookies....and we didn't have red food coloring...what were we thinking? LOL!

I have to make 70 Christmas cards.....I have!

She wanted a picture of us in our matching aprons, which are from Thirty One and so cute, but my husband missed most of the apron. Actually it took him awhile to figure out how to take a picture and not a video....we were already tired & silly ( Chey had worked a long shift, and I have had a very busy week) then we had to wait for him to take the picture....we just started acting! I love my Chey! She is always so much fun! She made me promise not to post this picture on Facebook, but she didn't say I couldn't put it on here....don't tell her, she will kill me!!!!

Here is a closer shot of the caroling snowmen card....I think this digi from
is so cute! Hop on over there and check out her images....they are all adorable!

What a wonderful season of giving and spending time with friends and family! I had a wonderful day shopping with my Mom on Tuesday. I introduced her to Hobby Lobby, and I think I created a monster...LOL!!! We were out for 11 hours! Precious memories created. She is the best mom ever!
Spent some time on Thursday with a friend who just had a baby. How precious newborns are, and what a precious gift from God! I was blessed to be able to help her out even just a little.
Today I hosted a Pampered Chef party, not many people showed up, but the "girls" who did stayed for awhile after and we had a good time of laughter! Proverbs teaches that " a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" Isn't God good to give up friends who help keep us healthy by laughing together. Don't we serve a wonderful God who knew we would need this?
Going to get those cards done next week, and then try to just enjoy the season before it is over!
Have a great Sunday! We are looking forward to hearing Evangelist Allen Domelle preach tomorrow! I always learn so much from his sermons. Going to be a great day at Bristoria Baptist Church!

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