Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Its the most wonderful,crazy, busy time of the year!!!

Obviously I've been Christmas shopping, and that takes so much time to find the right gift at the best price....this tree was getting too many under it so I started putting gifts under the dining room tree....

Sure looks messy in this picture....lol. These pictures were taken last week. More gifts under both trees now. I love Christmas!

Then there is the baking....Finch Grinch cookies. They are really green, my camera doesn't show the colors very well....ugh!

Majic bars

These are kiss cookies, but I made the dough a hot pink color and used the hugs for a zebra striped look. There are a little more pink than appears in this photo.

Sugar cookies!

Chocolate Cheerios marshmallow bites...

Oatmeal Cream pie cookies!
 Nursing home visits each week, keeping up with the house and everyone's crazy schedule. I cook like I work in a diner. Jeff comes home and I make his supper, then a while later Eric comes home and I make his supper. Chey usually closes at her job so she is home between 10 and 11 p.m. Thankfully she has been on a fried egg kick, so I'm only frying eggs at 10:30 at night. LOL!
Thirty One and Pampered Chef orders coming in and need sorted and delivered. Christmas gifts ordered are finally coming in the mail (well all except a couple for my future daughter in law...ugh), and need wrapped. I'm cleaning one day a week for a lady, and of course Weight Watchers every Wednesday morning. Helping out with friends and family when they need me, and keeping Sarah company while she is here. I told myself I'd slow down and enjoy the week before Christmas this year...lol....maybe next year. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the things I do, just so busy!
Friday I'm spending the day in Pittsburgh with my Chey. We are going to see the Nutcracker! I'm so excited. We going to eat downtown and then go to the Benedum Center for the ballet. Then maybe do some shopping downtown. I've been wanting to see the Nutcracker forever, and Jeff bought me tickets this year for my birthday! I can't wait!!!!
Okay, I'll probably not update again until after the new year. The young couples in our church each take turns hosting the New Years Eve party for youn couples ( not little kids), and this year is our turn to host! So, Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!
May God bless you and your service to him! I know I'm so thankful for the wonderful  year of blessing he bestowed on me in 2011. I made so many new wonderful Christian friends who I know I'll keep in contact with forever! God blessed us with not only safe travels for Jeff's job, but also great churches to attend while we were away from home! I have an amazing family and group of friends who love me, and a wonderful church where I can serve the Lord! Looking forward to 2012 and serving God even more!

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