Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty Christmas Gifts

For some reason I couldn't get this picture to flip! Anyway, this is one of the gifts my wonderful husband bought me! A new crafting chair! Before I tried using a dining room chair, but it was too short and I had to stretch to work on anything. Then I started just standing up, but that hurts my feet after awhile, so I am very happy to have this! He also went to 3 different Walmarts, 2 Michaels and Joanns to buy me another gift. To explain how big a deal this is you have to understand the closest Walmart is 40 minutes away, the next one is 40 minutes from there and the third one is an hour from the second one! He finally found what he was looking for at the 3rd Walmart. When I opened it (knowing this) I felt so bad. He bought me a Cricut, only he bought the one I already have. Ugh! I felt so bad for him! He was so excited that he thought of that gift. He wanted to get me the Imagine, ( the new one) but had no idea they were still selling the one I had, and thought he had gotten me the new one! He is so sweet!
My daughter bought me the Birthday Bash Cricut cartridge, and her boyfriend bought me Winter Frolic.

Look at these cute stamps and beautiful paper pack that Chey bought me for Christmas! Oh, I love them!

My Mom gave me some money for Christmas and some of it went to Hobby Lobby the last day of their free shipping promo. I got the tube of Prima Flowers and four different gemstones, and I got the Spellbinders Lacy Circles for 40% off! Since the closest Hobby Lobby is over an hour away, I was thrilled to save all that gas money! Thanks, Mom! I love you!

Now that the holidays are over and I'm not hosting any more parties for awhile, I hope to be using all these wonderful gifts soon! If we get more snow tonight like they are calling for.....I may skip Weight Watchers and work on cards! So, I may be posting new cards sooner than I thought!

We had a wonderful Christmas at my Mom's after church. Then a sweet Christmas night service at our church. It was our year to host the annual young couples New Year's eve party. We had it on new years eve eve.....so we wouldn't be sleepy in church on New Years day! What a great time of fellowship and fun with friends and family! My daughter mentioned that she never goes to the parties from her place of employment because its all about the alcohol. We don't drink! Our parties prove you don't need to drink to have a good time! God is so good to give us a large number of good, Godly, Christian friends to fellowship with!
I'm staying busy, but have slacked on my diet and exercise over the holidays! Ugh! Still down the 25 pounds I lost in Kentucky, but gained back the 5 I lost since I got home. I started back on diet and exercise yesterday, and I"m praying for God's help to stick to it! I so want to be my goal weight by my son's wedding day! May 5th is coming quick!
I'm cleaning one day a week for a lady. I'm doing it mainly for a friend who is overwhelmed at the moment. However, the money is helping me pay for Jeff's Christmas gift! Yippee! I also am visiting at a nursing home once a week, and we've started Jr Choir at church again! Happy busy!
I am sure you all had a wonderful Christmas. Send me an email and let me know how God blessed you!
 I pray God bless all my friends with a happy and healthy 2012!

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lifeof4boys said...

I just love reading your blogs.I love the new deising you did too.I need to put that on mine!=) I'm glad you got some nice card making things.I need to get winter frolic too.They have cute pic's on there.Glad your Christmas was good and enjoying your time at home! Miss you!

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