Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cards for Daniel

The picture above is Daniel. The post below was copied from facbook. I thought since so many of us are card makers we could help with this project. Thanks, Lori

My Dad had a GREAT idea......Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus,

Many of you are familiar with Ben and Lynn Bradmon and their their 9 year old son Daniel. He has had a past history with leukemia and most recently has been in the hospital for well over a year two bone marrow transplants. Recently he has developed infections and with a weaken immune system he is having difficulty fighting off these. His mother sister Lynn literally stays with him 24/7.

So I am purposing what I call "Daniel's Project" to spread the news as far as we can to as many Christians as possible and shower Daniel with as many get well / thinking of you cards. Let's see if we can send hundreds of cards, so many that they might even have to assign Daniel his own zip code :), to let him as well as his family know that the Saints of God are lifting their family up before the throne of our loving God.

I have included the mailing address directly to Daniel's hospital room below. As my address book might be limited and I do not have a face book account I am asking for the following:

A) If you are the leader of a congregation please post this announcement and make it
aware to the congregation. Encourage them to pass "Daniels Project onto as
many as they can in their address books as well.

B) If you receive duplication of the announcement about "Daniels Project" please
forgive as with many trying to get the word out overlapping might take place :)

C) If you are not a leader of a congregation please spread this project through as
many social media outlets you use and encourage them to send a card. If doing
mass e-mailing make sure to use BCC so you won't be spreading address

Daniel Bradmon Room # 938
C/O Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
One Children’s Hospital Drive
4401 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Thanks in advance for everyone who will keep this family in their prayers and participate in "Daniel's Project"

In Christ's Love & Service,

Brother Bill & Sister Sandy

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