Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharing my love of card making and fun.....and a few other things...

Cards the two girls in picture below made last Sunday afternoon. They spent the day with me and they wanted to make cards! I loved it!

Hannah & Kaylee....two sweet young ladies from our church. I loved spending the day with them. They are so much fun!

After almost 2 years I finally picked out a light for above the dining room table. Once we pick up our microwave stand from Lancaster the kitchen remodel will finally be finished! Yippee!

It was in the 70's today and I just had to start decorating for spring!

These are sitting out on my porch at the top of the steps. Probably won't stay there....always windy up here, but they looked cute today.

Here are the mini daffodils that come up every year by my pond. I have 27 tulips up already and I'm seeing some little green things are poking up Spring!

This is what I"ve been doing for the last two days! UGH! picking up branches in our yard. We have a lot of trees, and I love the trees, but during the winter and windy days branches fall out.....they all have to be picked up before we mow for the first time.So, since I am the one who insists on keeping the trees ( Jeff would cut many of them down if I'd let him) I have to pick them up. We live on a hill, so lots of walking up and down the hill bending and picking up branches. This picture is one of 6 loads, and I'm not done yet. On the bright side....good workout, right? LOL!

Here is part of our bottom yard....after all the branches are picked up. Isn't the sunshine beautiful? God has blessed us with beautiful weather the past few weeks!

One of the things that have been keeping me kids! I love them so much. Here they are being silly at game night with some other young people from our church. They all say the love coming up to our house and I love having them. This past Friday night was great because Eric was able to be there, and I loved seeing him and his sister having so much fun together. Made my week!

I have made a few cards recently, but I forgot to take pictures. I sent them to a friend to use. She loved them!
We have our work orders and will be leaving soon. This years job is suppose to last 9 months, but we are only 3 hours or so from home. Jeff said he wants to come home at least one weekend a month if his job allows. Hopefully I'll get to see those tulips bloom!
Has been a super busy few months, but God is good to bless me with friends and family who love me and want to spend time with me. Trying my best to be the friend that my friends need.
More sticks to pick up tomorrow....better get some sleep!

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lifeof4boys said...

my dear friend,
I always love reading your blogs.Love your cute boxes.Put rocks in each of them and maybe they wont blow away! ha! I hope to see you soon when you come closer.

Proverbs 3:6

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.