Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bedford, Pa

We are in Bedford, Pa for the next 7 months....or so! Finally settled in and this picture is the lake at Shawnee State Park, just about 10 minutes from our apartment. I walked the Lake Shore trail for and hour today. This will be my walking place this year. So pretty!

Thinking this would be great place  to take a book and maybe lunch and sit by the lake on this bench and read for awhile. The trail follows the lake on one side and the woods on the other. Very nice walk!

I was going to post pictures of the apartment, and decided to only post this is part of the living room that was nice and neat until yesterday when I started making cards! ( the rest of the apartment is neat) Yeah! I finally have time to make cards. Good thing because there are 10 birthdays in April!
The apartment is great! Really big and huge back yard and lots of off street parking. I have ventured up into town a couple times. I went to Hebrews, a coffee shop, and visited the local shops and the big antique store. It is a great little town. I know we'll enjoy our stay here.

One of the guy cards I started....struggling with a sentiment for this one.

Here I'm starting on a card with a new stamp set my friend, Sandy, sent me months ago. I am determined to do more stamping this year. I brought a lot of stamps with me! My other goal is to  get ahead with cards, and use the paper I have.....not buy new. Okay, that probably isnt' going to happen, but you have to have a goal right? LOL! I Love Paper! LOL!

We are attending Heritage Baptist Church in Martinsburg, Pa while we are here. They seem like a great group of fellow Christians and I look forward to serving God in the church however they need me.
Jeff and I are walking together every morning! It is great to get out early and walk, but I like it so much more with him! We are both working on losing weight and just staying healthy. We don't have many health problems, Praise the Lord, and we want to keep it that way! I believe as a wife, Jeff's health is my responsibility. I pray daily for his health, and I believe it is my duty to prepare healthy meals and encourage him to stay healthy. I know he can choose to eat unhealthy away from home, but I believe if I do my part at home it will make all the difference. God made woman as an help meet for her husband. One of the ways I can help meet my husbands needs it to be sure he has healthy options at home, the vitamins and minerals he needs, and enthusiasm toward any choice he makes to exercise. That and a whole lot of prayer for will power on my part when grocery!
Mom, I'm sure you are reading this. I just want you to know I love you! I miss you already. You call me anytime you need me.

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lifeof4boys said...

sounds like your enjoying your new place.Looks like a nice place to walk! I love the oldman card.Reminds me of Grandpa Mitchel;)Miss you!!!

Proverbs 3:6

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