Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day

I fussed with this card all day. I really like the paper the car was on., but needed something other than just the paper on the card. I cut out the car and put pop dots on it....Still think this card needs some embellishments....guy cards are so hard!

Yes, I used the truck again....lol! I sponged the top to fill in the blue and the bottom with greens. I love the brads that look like screws!

This is random, but isn't this dog huge? Oh, my goodness! I looked out the apartment window, and across the street in the parking lot of the salon is this truck with this huge animal on it....big as a bear!

Sunday is Father's day. I won't see my Dad, but am sending him the top card. I'm going home the following Sunday to play piano for our church's 30th birthday party.
 Hope this is a good enough gift for him...lol!
 My Dad ( and mom, Jay & I) started the church 30 years ago. Wow! time flies! I've seen hundreds of people go through our church and am so happy for those who have stayed and supported the Lord's work in Greene County, Pa.  Not many people even know where Holbrook, Pa is located, but someday everyone will know what a great work was accomplished there. So many souls have been saved....souls that may have never heard, or may have heard but not accepted the gift of salvation if my Dad would have gone somewhere else to start a church. The people in the area may not appreciate our church, but someday they will wish they had, and those who came and left.....someday will be thankful for their time there, and wish they had stayed and served the Lord!

Dad, I love you and am very proud of the work you do for God in Greene County!
 Keep up the good work!

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