Monday, July 2, 2012

Its July!

I started on the critter cards. Going to make a set of children's birthday cards. Chey was right, the "googly eyes" look so cute on these critters!

Across the street is a beauty shop where I go to have my nails filled and painted. She planted flowers this Spring, and just look at how pretty they are!

Another view of those flowers.

This is on the other side of the steps. She changes the decor each year. I love the yellow ladder and fence! She planted sunflowers one year, and they just keep coming back. Aren't they pretty?

I especially like looking at the flowers because I can't plant hoo! The parents and relatives of this fawn ate all my perennials...ugh! When I was home I noticed everything is gone! This little orphan lives in the yard now. It was looking for water that is usually in that ditch. There is also a set of twins and their mom who are living in our "field".....which was our yard last year, but we haven't been home to mow it this year, so now its a haven for the deer, and I saw 2 baby fox there also when I was home.

Hoping to make more cards tomorrow. Going to be a warm day, so good reason to stay in and make cards! First I'll walk with Jeff, then make him breakfast, pack his lunch, do my devotions and then I'm  going to call my friend and share with her the sermon I heard Sunday about God being the God of all comfort. After I straighten up the apartment...I'll make cards!

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Proverbs 3:6

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