Saturday, December 1, 2012

So much going on since I've been home...

Started with the Ladies meeting at our church, which went well, but was exhausting! LOL! Thanks to my friend Grace and my daughter for their help!
Helped my friend Susan by playing piano and helping out with the reception of her son's wedding.
Hosted a baby shower at my house for my first grand baby!

Helped Cheyenne with the Fall Fellowship at our church

Thanksgiving at my Mom's

A visit from a very special friend, Mrs. Biter!

Jeff took me on an anniversary trip, which was amazing! This is a picture from Cooper's Rock where we have a picture taken each year around our anniversary. Chey and Dan joined us later, and we had such a good time!

Spending time with our Colton! We just love him! So much fun!

Hosted a Stampin' UP! party. 

My mom and Grace having a blast at the!

The first order of business when we got home was the yard. Jeff cut down 7 trees and we cut and stacked them, then hauled them away. Lots of work picking up branches and twigs. Lots of work...ugh! LOL!

All this along with spending time with friends and family, dinners at my house, church, and church activities. Weekly soul winning, and the normal daily chores at home.  Shopping, nights out with friends, Black Friday with Chey, birthday parties, and health issues. 
Needless to say I've not made many cards. However, Grace helped me get my craft room set up and I'm getting started. 

Now it is December 1st! Wow! Some of the Christmas decorations are up, and today, as soon as Cheyenne gets up I'm going to make Christmas cards!! 
Dining room tree

One of the decorations Jeff bought for me on our anniversary trip at the Fall Foliage in Bedford, Pa

Blue snowman tree.

Living room tree....first year I had these purple lights on it...still not sure..

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