Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Fall!

Here is a simple card for fall. I want to make more with this layout, and a different sentiment.

We are home! It was crazy getting here, and has taken me 2 weeks to get things unpacked and put away, as I was cleaning as I!

My handsome, wise husband, came into the house last Friday from mowing and said he'd booked a room at the Hampton in Bedford, Pa and I needed to pack. He whisk me away for our anniversary! We spent the night and then the next day we enjoyed the 48th annual Fall Foliage Festival. This is so not his thing....but he walked with me through the streets and viewed the over 400 vendors! He purchased some cute things for me to decorate with and we ate some yummy foods. Then he drove me home the scenic route....Rt 30 to the Laurel Highlands scenic byway. Beautiful!!! He knew I needed this! He knew how hard I'd been working to get the house in order, and how much I love these types of festivals. He is a very unselfish, loving husband!
I had planned his annual birthday dinner for tomorrow, but he had to leave this morning to go out of town for 4 days to work. Funny, but he and I are not the only ones disappointed. As I made all the phone calls to the guests, many said they were so looking forward to a party at our house. I love hosting them, and before we started traveling for work we'd have a few every year. I promised we'd do it soon....I was scared not to...LOL!

Here is another view from my porch. I love the fall colors. It is so pretty here. 
I will not be doing much crafting for awhile. Jeff informed me he wanted to move Cheyenne to the basement this coming week and start remodeling the upstairs. One of those rooms will be my craft room!!! In the mean time...all my crafting stuff is packed hoo! I so need to start on Christmas cards, so I may dig out some stuff and try to do that!

Thanking God today for life, health, and the wonderful husband he has blessed me with!!!!

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