Thursday, June 27, 2013

Settled and Stamping!

We are settled in an apartment in Conshohocken, Pa. Its just 3 minutes from the jobsite! A cute little apartment that is just right for us. Another answered prayer!

I got the recliner ( something Jeff needs for after work) at a local thrift shop for $30, a couch that folds out into a double bed for $50, and the tv stand for $1. I was very impressed with this huge thrift shop. It didn't smell bad like most do, and they had just what I was looking for ( and what Grace was praying I find...LOL). They have signs posted about donations not being stained, torn or have odor. Neither piece of furniture smells at all. I know God sent me to this store, He knows I can't handle odors! LOL! Oh, the couch is just like one Jeff and I had when we lived in our trailer. It is very comfy to lay on as a couch.

Here is the little kitchen, again, just the right size for us. Again, I need to praise the Lord for answered prayer. We are paying  a third the price of what all the other places I called about were asking. I called over 30 places! God is so good to us! Thanks to everyone who was praying for us to find a place!

We are attending Valley Baptist Church in Coatesville, Pa. It is about 40 minutes from our apartment.
What a very friendly, exciting church. Already we have been blessed by the preaching of Pastor Cavanaugh. They offer live feeds of the services for anyone to watch, but for their shut ins and those unable to attend service. Last Sunday night they wrapped up their Patch the Pirate club for this year and the children did a great job!

Okay, so now we are settled and I need to be busy making cards! Here are a couple I made with a stamp I bought from Unity Stamps. Check out their website here:
Planning on making a lot of Christmas cards while I'm here. This was Cheyenne's suggestion. She said that way I won't be so crazy busy making them when we get home in the Fall. She is so smart...must get that from her father! I love that she thinks about me in this way.
Okay, off to work on more cards.Today I'm using a stamp set my wonderful stamping friend, Sandy sent me. Will post them tomorrow...if they turn out.
Here is my favorite verse from today's Bible reading. One I am so thankful for!
" For he remembered that they were but flesh:...." Psalm 78:39a

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